Eco Routing becomes reality – the navigation device becomes sustainable

It sounds like a dream of the future if navigation systems could not only show the fastest route, but also the one with the least air pollution. Drivers would be exposed to fewer air pollutants and cities could breathe easier. This vision of the future is called eco-sensitive traffic management and its implementation in reality is currently being tested by Siemens Mobility GmbH together with the two Munich start-ups Thinxnet GmbH (ryd) and Hawa Hawa GmbH in a one-month field trial. Based on the current air quality data from Hawa Dawa and the air quality predictions derived from it, recommendations for route choice are displayed to the drivers of the test group. These special recommendations offer the optimal combination of good air quality and short travel time. By choosing the suggested route, the test group can not only reduce their own health impact, but actively contribute to improving the air quality in the city and earn monetary bonus points on the ryd platform. “Eco routing at the individual level is probably one of the most exciting options available to us in the fight against air pollution in cities. This could perhaps avoid one or two driving bans,” estimates Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa. “We are delighted to have Hawa Dawa and ryd as partners for our joint pilot project. With digitalisation, we make infrastructure intelligent, sustainably increase value for our customers, improve the passenger experience and guarantee availability over the entire life cycle. With our digital and AI capabilities, we analyse data, predict typical routes for individual ryd users and suggest alternative transport routes. We are convinced that this pilot project in Munich can show the way to achieving the EU sustainability goals,” elaborates Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility. Johannes Martens, CEO of ryd, adds: “For us as a provider with a strong community, this is an exciting opportunity to break new ground and take responsibility for people and the environment.” The kick-off event of this forward-looking project will take place on 15.11.2018 from 18:00 at Mindspace Viktualienmarkt, Rosental 7 in Munich. The project partners cordially invite all interested parties to attend and look forward to a lively discussion over beer and pizza about the project and further ideas for clean air in Munich. Registration and tickets can be found here: